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Clean facility, friendly staff and our dog, who is normally a little anxious about new places seems to feel very comfortable boarding here. We will return! – Happy Guest, Roseville MI
Troy needed medication & it wasn’t a problem. We could also view them from our computer! Troy & Sunny came back home happy! – Happy Guest, Grosse Pointe MI
Knowing someone is on-site overnight is a huge plus! The boarding area is light and bright and is always very clean and fresh smelling. The kennels are ample in size and are not “cage-like”. Each kennel is open at the top and has at least one full side which allows the dogs to view the other dogs and staff. A visitor can easily see the kennels and boarding area through the window from the lobby, unlike many other kennels where a dog is escorted to the “back” and the owner is unable to view the conditions of the boarding area. One of our dogs requires some special handling and the staff has been very accommodating, as they are with scheduling baths prior to our pick-ups. It is clearly a place which has been well-designed for the dogs who stay there! – Happy Guest, Harper Woods MI

Client Stories

The Nose Knows

Windy - Dog Boarding Roseville MI Testimonial

Did you know that a dog’s nose has 220 million olfactory receptors and humans only have 5 million? That makes the dog the perfect crime fighter – for arson. Taxpayers foot the bill for crimes of arson to the tune of millions of dollars every year. Law enforcement officials team up with insurance companies in an effort to divert these costs away from taxpayers. Specially trained teams of Fire Investigators and their Arson Dogs solve hundreds of these crimes across the country every day.

Fire Marshal Craig Robertson and his dog, Windy is one of those special teams. They completed the rigorous 5-week training program at the Criminal Justice Academy that taught Windy how to identify known Hydrocarbon Accelerants. Now they have a tight and trusting bond. Windy, a yellow Lab, was born to be a service dog. She came to the Arson Dog program as a fun-loving, rabbit-chasing dropout from Leader Dogs. Her gentle disposition, outgoing personality, energy level and desire to work made her a natural fit as an Arson Dog. Occasionally, Windy enjoys a visit to the Lakeshore Pet Resort. Craig worked with the staff so that they are well versed in handling her special needs.

The Arson Dog program is not free and funded only by grants and donations. If you are interested in a Sponsorship for Windy or in making a donation, please contact Craig Robertson at 586-445-5401.

For more information on Arson Dogs go to www.arsondog.org
For more information on the dogs nose go to store.aces.edu

Joann - Dog Boarding Roseville MI Testimonial

10 years ago I was traveling through a pretty rough area of downtown Detroit when I saw a little black Lab puppy in the road, struggling to walk & bleeding profusely. I stopped my car, jumped out, scooped her up & drove to my vet. There, I learned that this precious little dog had been shot.

Not only was I horrified at the unimaginable cruelty, I was also heart-broken. I knew then that if she survived, she would be mine. She not only survived, but thrived. I was in love & she joined my family – a dog named Piper. Despite her rough beginning, her outlook on life is positive & playful. She adds joy to my life every day.

The staff at All American Pet Resorts Lakeshore helps me keep an eye on Piper’s overall health. Jennifer, the massage therapist, acts as my assistant. Her weekly hands-on massage helps alert me to any changes in Pipers physical condition. That’s not all. The Assistant Manager, Rick, and Piper have their own love affair going on. She adores him & he her. Last year Piper started jumping up on people. I don’t know what started the behavior, but I couldn’t get her to stop. I discussed this with Rick. He promised to work with her & in a few short weeks; Piper was cured – no more jumping. He also noticed that she was putting on extra weight.

Due to her early injury, she walks a little funny and stands a little crooked so extra weight would eventually affect her gate, muscles, paws, joints & quality of life. Again under his loving care, she has taken off 5 pounds. I want Piper around as long as possible and so do my friends at All American Pet Resorts Lakeshore.

— Joann

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